Top 10 Worst Football Kits of All Time

Every year without a doubt a kit designed by someone without any taste slips through the net and onto the football fields and terraces of our beautiful game.

This Top 10 looks at the Worst 10 kits of all time.

Let’s get stuck in!

10. Norwich City Home Kit 1992/1993

Norwich’s ‘bird poo’ kit as it was known makes it’s way into our top 10 for 2 reasons. Firstly for its ghastly factor and secondly because we think that when home kits are bad they deserve a few bonus points compared to away kits.

9. Mexico GK Kit 1994

Make no mistake Mexico’s 1994 World Cup goalkeepers kit is horrific. The only reason we’ve not got it ranked higher is because it’s horror actually serves a purpose and that is that it is DEFINITELY likely to put off any attacking opponents. It’ll probably make them think they’re tripping on LSD.

8. Chelsea Away 1995/1996

I don’t know what it is about grey kits but they never look any good. This particular example looks even worse thanks to the small amount of stripage mixed with the bold orange. They even ‘oranged’ the Chelsea badge up!

7. Celtic Away Kit 1991/1992

Where do I start? I’ll work from the bottom up. Firstly that shade of green.. it’s cringeworthy. Then it meets that odd spikey stripe which seems to only serve to seperate what looks like a giant sweat patch on top of a greeny brown shirt from the 1930′s. Worse still is this is a Celtic away shirt, which confuses me a lot considering Celtic’s home kit is the classic white and green hoops and this shirt is also white and green.

6. Athletic Bilbao Home Kit 2004

The idea of someone designing this kit, handing the design to their boss who then handed it to their boss and so on and so on all the way up the chain to the point where it was agreed that this should be Athletico Bilbao’s new kit. It’s that sort of thing that makes me wonder about the human race. What is it? Is it a lava lamp? Is it supposed to look like you are looking at blood cells via magnifying glass? I have no idea, all I know is that it’s awful.

5. Huddersfield 1991/1992 Away Kit

Believe it or not I actually found this monstrosity whilst trying to research another Hideous Huddersfield shirt. However, once I found this bad boy there was no doubting it belonged in our top 10. A tasty tie dye with a black to red must have been all the rage ‘oop North in ‘uddersfield back in the 90′s as apparently this beauty out sold the home kit in the 91/92 season.

4. Coventry 1978 Away Kit

I think it is fair to say that this kit qualifies for its position of 4th place in our Top 10 Worst Kits ever purely by the colour of it. The only time a football kit should ever be brown is if the pitch is a mud bath and you’ve been getting stuck in.

3. Hull City 1992/1993 Home Kit

I don’t think this needs a great deal of explanation. Hull City call themselves the Tigers. They play in orange and black stripes  and because of this some bright spark thought they’d take it a step further and had a tiger strip kit. It’s awful.

2. Manchester United 1995/1996 Away Kit

Who would ever think a kit could be unlucky? Well that’s what Manchester United thought about this terrible grey kit as they never won a game in it. That was until a consultant pointed out to United that the colour of the kit was likely to make it hard for the players to see each other. It took being 3-0 down to Southampton at half time for Sir Alex Ferguson to believe it though and he sent his team back out in a different strip for the second half. It was too late and Man U only managed to pull 1 goal back. The game finished 3-1.

1. Liverpool 2012/2013 3rd Kit

And the winner is! Liverpool for their ghastly tribal 3rd kit for the 2012/2013 season.

The only place tribal patterns belong is on the necks of people queuing outside the job centre for their dole money. Not on the sleeves of one of the World’s greatest teams.


Do you agree? disagree? Have we missed a kit out? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box below :)



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